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Brands and Products

Our company focuses on R&D, manufacturing, sales and services of packaging and coding equipments.We have two main brands: PHARMAPACK and EC-JET. Pharmapack focuses on the R&D, manufacturing and integration of smart packaging systems, including smart bottle packaging lines, smart inspection packaging line and smart flexible packaging line, as well as other supporting equipments. EC-JET concentrates on the R&D, manufacturing, sales and services of marking systems, providing continuous ink-jet printers, laser printer, high resolution printers and related consumables. Both brands of equipment are widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, confectionary, beverage and electronics industries.


As a leader of smart pharmaceutical packaging equipment industry in Asia, we assisted in the

development of the national standards for Tablet & Capsule Counters, Tablet Counting Lines, Ink-jet Printers, Labeler. We are a state-certified high-tech enterprise with more than 120 patents. Our scientific research has contributed to the advancements in electronic counting and anti-counterfeiting ink-jet technology.

Quality Assurance and Service

Tested by internationally certified companies, our equipment has passed the evaluation of CE, UL Certify, CSA and is in compliance with GAMP, FDA (CFR21), cGMP, and TGA standards. Pharmapack focuses its attention to after-sales supports and customer service. We are committed to the 360° service concept, providing pre-sale consulting services, factory acceptance testing, integration and installation, training, follow-ups, 24/7 internet support and on-site services.

Marketing and Service Network

Pharmapack has a well-developed global marketing and service network. Guangzhou facilities serve as the sales and manufacturing centers, setting up branch offices in South China, North China, East China, South-West China to provide service for customers. North America, Italy and India facilities are our global reach subsidiaries. By combining cutting-edge designs and advanced technology with superior service, we have experienced tremendous growth with installed bases in more than 30 countries. We have successfully provided line installations for many well-known companies such as Pfizer, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, Sanofi, Astrazeneca, Baxter, Mars, Wrigley, Perfetti, L’Oreal, AVON, TongRenTang, Salubris, Jilin AoDong, North China Pharmaceutical Company, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Holding Co., Ltd,Yunnan Baiyao Group Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou Pharmaceuticals, The Yangtse River, Tasly Pharm, Infinitus, BY HEALTH and many more.

Our Vision

Change Begins with Innovation. Pharmapack will continue to improve ourselves by applying the latest technology and resources to advance our product ranges. Pharmapack aims to engage to realize Made in China 2025 (Industry 4.0).

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